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Cohoes Falls on the Mohawk River in Cohoes, NY. This is the "typical" view of the falls from the park along School Street.

The buildings in the foreground are part of the hydroelectric generating station that has operated here since 1915. The site is currently operated by Brookfield Power with a total capacity of 38 megawatts. The turbines are housed in the lower building visible in this picture.

A comparison of Cohoes Falls to Niagara Falls (from Wikipedia)...

Width of Cohoes Falls is roughly 1000 feet. Niagara Falls width is 830 feet for American Falls and 2200 feet for Horseshoe Falls.

Height of Cohoes Falls ranges from 75 feet on the north side to 90 feet on the south end. Niagara Falls height is 70 to 110 feet for American Falls and 163 feet for Horseshoe Falls.

Water flow over Cohoes Falls ranges from zero to 90,000 cubic feet per second. Water flow over Niagara Falls ranges from 5,000 to 21,000 cubic feet per second for American Falls and 45,000 to 190,000 cubic feet per second for Horseshoe Falls.

Because Niagara Falls is tourism focused, the power plants there are limited in how much water they can draw off so that the flow over the falls remains pretty for tourists. This is not the case with Cohoes where the flow over the falls varies dramatically throughout the year and the falls is practically dry at some points.

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